This year, as part of Indian Ensemble training and research program, we plan to engage with different dramatic texts and understand various structure and forms by a process of collaborative research and documentation, and later on share it with an audience through reading, symposium, and studio production i.e. to do a full-length play in an alternative space within a very restricted budget .We have collaborated with Atta Galata, Koramangala and that will be our home space where we will share the work that will emerge out of this process. Going forward in the series, we will be working with plays from South-East Asia and Africa.The idea is to work with plays from across the world and present it through a performance, lec-dem, installation or just a dramatized reading. We alose plan to have a dedicated group of actors ( experienced and new) to be a part of this, as this will help us work with new texts in a more frequent manner. Almost like a repertory but just the scale being smaller not the effort:-)